I just started a new routine where I walk around my neighborhood after work for about 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, it’s very peaceful and everything is quiet. I get to escape reality for a bit. It makes me wonder where my head is at the rest of the day. Is it working hard or hardly working? Our minds are so complex and unique that I would assume it will take another lifetime before we figure them out. If we ever do…

What are you curious about? Do you pursue the answers to your questions? Curiosity has made me question the way people approach and solve problems. The way people view others and their interactions with them. What makes people tick? What gets you excited or nervous?

I have so many questions and I know you do too.

Our experiences give us answers to some questions, but what if we never get to experience what others have already? Read a freaking book… or go on the website quora and ask the question that has been idle in your brain. Someone might know the answer or know where to direct you to the answer that you seek. I strongly believe we need to read more. The stories that are out there give us a peak into someone’s mind and experiences. But sometimes you just feel like no one gets you. Right now, my mind is in chaos.

I feel as though I am being pulled in all directions. If you are in your 20’s or have already been through them, it’s easy to relate. Is your career what you want it to be? Do you constantly compare yourself to your friends and peers? It is rather difficult to know what we want in life, especially at a young age. We overthink things and get caught up with mundane conversations with ourselves about the future.

And where have I been going with all of this? When I feel like shit is hitting the fan, going for a 20 minute walk puts the chaos on hold. So I challenge you to find something you enjoy doing. Find something that allows you to just day dream for a bit. Find something that stirs your curiosity in a direction other than serious life decisions.

Try going for a walk tomorrow.


Take it easy and thanks for reading