I’m still addicted…

I can’t stop thinking about it…

How do you get over Fear?

(I hope you didn’t think I was going to talk about drugs 😉 )

Over the weekend I finished reading Tina Seelig’s book, What I Wish I knew When I Was 20. A brief background on Tina, she is a Stanford Professor that teaches classes on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and also the Executive Director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program. I wish I would have read her book before I went to college.

When I believe I’m doing the right thing, no one should have to give me permission. I either make it happen or I am stuck waiting for god knows how long for someone to give me the go ahead. This was my primary takeaway from her book. Tina also provides short stories of how she challenges her students to see past failure and fear. Some of her exercises seemed strange at first, like the exercise to write down one good business idea and one bad one. She then takes all of the ideas and throws away the good ones and redistributes the bad ones and asks the students to turn them into great ideas. You can guess what happens next.

Many of our ideas that we come up with may seem like bad ones and we don’t share them with anyone out of fear or rejection. A zen proverb states, “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark”. This quote resonates with me because I too am guilty of fear. After reading Tina’s book, I believe as a future entrepreneur and innovator, there’s no room for fear. Watch this How Bad Do You Want It video and let me know if you don’t feel like getting up tomorrow and making something happen.

I know if I keep grinding, somethings bound to happen. I know if I keep grinding, somethings going to click. I just can’t be scared to take that next step and neither should you.

Next post will be less serious lol. That video though… Man, that hit a nerve. It made me feel like I don’t know what hard work is. And then when I finished the book I felt like I haven’t been trying hard enough to go the extra mile. It’s awesome how words and videos can evoke these feelings.

Thanks for reading

Take it easy