My BDE adventure (First 5 days) — January 24, 2017

My BDE adventure (First 5 days)

Day 1: Woke up at 5am, went to work dressed reaaal nice. (take a picture) – Talked to Directors, went over the company/product on white board.. Handed Laptop and was told to read blogs, website etc. Asked Joey what he is reading and impressed him. He told me to read psychology books.

Day 2: Read blogs more, sat in on phone call, Joey is really funny and well spoken (talked to Brits), sat in on my first company sales meeting. Read more and more blogs/asked questions. Listened to the other reps go through a Mock phone call.

Day 3: Met new Sales manager, listened to more calls. A bit quieter today… Went out to intro lunch in Directors nice Audi A7, talked about gambling, drinking, and Fantasy sports drank and ate at the Depot. Went back with Joey and grabbed bottles of wine because he was leaving for Italy. Go back, talk to Ken and Joey.. Ken is cool and we briefly go over mock phone call. Then talked for a while about how to qualify prospects, get them to open up. Try coming up with cold emails (not great at it lol)

Monday 7/18 Day 4: Not much going on,  try reading about cold emails and coming up with my own. Email Mike trying to come up with more email templates. Finally ask about my list to start trying to drum up business! Ended the day listening to one more phone call with a salesman and Ken told him we could help him provide leads. He even taught me that the software/product could be scaled down to one person. (This allows us to get a foot in the door at that company).

Tuesday 7/19 Day 5: I got my list! It’s not many and a couple of them don’t even seem relevant. I started making an excel sheet to put names, linkedin profiles, and emails or phone numbers. Then Mike emailed a newsletter that would send newly funded businesses. So I subscribed to a bunch of them… Afterwards, started making drafts of emails I’ll try sending out this morning.

Reading this is pretty funny… I was a noob (it’s been 7 months, holy $h!t) I wish I kept this up but unfortunately I did not.  I’ll start this again, but with more complaining of course. I found this post in drafts and must of forgot about it. Anyways, it won’t make sense to many, but when I look back I can have a good chuckle.

Tilting — January 16, 2017


You thought you Knew

Imagine the excitement when you get the news you landed the job you’ve been googling for weeks, crafting your resume to fit the job description, nervously drove to the interview and you nailed it. You effin’ got the job that was going to open doors, showcase your smarts, and make yourself a ton of money. — That’s how I felt when I landed my first sales job. I still feel that way except I haven’t showcased my smarts or made myself a ton of money. I am opening one door though, and that’s to the exit. Sales is a monster that I underestimated.

I’ve learned a lot in the last 5 months. And I know that is a small sample size, but I’ve been schooled more than I probably realize.

The P word

In Business to Business sales, large purchases are not made in a day (at least not for me). It’s a continuous process to try and secure a sale. It takes time to build relationships and get a prospect to understand /trust you’re trying to improve their business. Long sales cycles test your patience like you can not believe. I think I can relate it to having a baby… You have this awesome moment ( You got the Intro Meeting!)  and then have to wait 9 months before you see the results (Send over the SOW, Let’s do this!). I’ll come back to that analogy when I actually have kids (or a sale for that matter) and see if I still agree lol. However, my arguement is… Waiting for something has become almost a sin. We’ve become an impatient society, i mean people get pissed if they have to wait in line for any amount of time.

Right before I started writing this post, I watched a man waiting for coffee and as each second passed, he became more agitated. The lady behind the counter asked, “Sir, are you still waiting for your coffee?” And he rolled his eyes and replied, “Yes, i’ve been standing here for over 5 minutes… and I’m waiting for 2 coffees, not just 1”. — In my mind, I thought how long it would of taken him to just make coffee at home… I see scenarios like this all of the time. I WANT IT IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. Or I’d have a billion sales by now… 

TL:DR is for impatient people

There has been many life lessons that I’ve had in the last 25 years that have offered to teach me patience, which i need to be a little more open to learning. But if I’m being honest, I too love instant feedback and results. We have this awesome tool called, Yesware that lets me track each email i’ve sent to see if it was opened. After I send a few dozen emails out, I wait. Patiently… for about 2 minutes before my mind starts internally going bananas because not one of those bastards has opened my email! WTF! And then maybe another 3 minutes goes by and I see a ton of open notifications going off in the bottom right hand corner of my screen and the dopamine floods my nervous system. I’m happy for a few seconds.. all is good. Until I think, WHY HAVEN’T THEY EMAILED ME BACK?! 

I’m realizing this is a roller coaster of emotions that is actually kind of funny. I can’t wait to write part 2 of this post

This was just rambling… if I had the patience to sit and really think, this would be better. Maybe next time. Well played, patience, well played.  

Just Listen —

Just Listen

When you hear it…

It’s an amazing feeling when you stumble upon an opportunity. They certainly come around often but we’re so zoned out from reality we often miss them. I’m starting to realize if you hear a few of these magic phrases, your ears should perk up and you should direct your attention accordingly. 

I’m talking about when people say, “Ah, I hate that, I can never…” and, “I wish I had…” or, “I can’t figure out…” — Its music to my ears. It means people either don’t know about the solution or there isn’t one. I’ve finally had my own Ah Ha moment. This is the most excited I’ve been since I booked my trip to Punta Cana. I can’t figure out why this hasn’t happened more. 

Don’t forget the Idea

I have started whipping out my phone or a piece of paper when I have an idea and when I hear people complaining about something. I kind of wish I heard it more often, but there’s only so much complaining you want to actually listen to lol. The alternative is trying what James Altucher suggests, exercise your creative brain muscles. He wants everyone to think of ideas every day, expand, innovate and move forward with the better ones. For example, I was watching a commercial where people were using VR(virtual reality) headsets. Why the hell aren’t we making 360 degree movies where you can control the vision of the main character? We could control the vision of our favorite movie characters and see situations in a whole new light. I’m picturing myself looking around in a James Bond movie… Jumping off of roof tops, bullets whizzing by my head, checking out hotties at the bar. Yea, our movie directors should get on that… 

How to capitalize

You come up with an idea, think its the best you’ve had and want to move forward with it, now what? I think the easiest course of action is create a simple plan. Making anything simple is really freaking hard though. As I go through this process, ill record everything and keep you updated. 

New Year, New Systems — January 4, 2017

New Year, New Systems

Hello from the year 2017.

Let’s Recap What Just Happened

First and foremost, I’m going to change my life this year. How do I plan on doing that you ask? Well, I’m going to create a system that will ensure my success. Lets back up though and recap a bit, 2016 wasn’t all bad.

Some big changes happened in my life. The top 3, I quit my family’s business, I moved out of my mom’s house to an apartment in Boston (closer to my girlfriend), and landed my first B2B (Business to Business) sales job. To be honest, these decisions made me feel uneasy. You always read in self-improvement books to step outside of your comfort zone, I freaking took a leap outside that bitch…

I am extremely lucky and fortunate though. I have no debt from college, my car is paid off, my cellphone bill is taken care of, and I live with a college buddy and down the street from my high school friend. I’m sitting pretty at the moment.

Which is why I plan to leave my comfort zone once again.

The New System

Back to the main point of this post, how am I going to change my life. I read a number of books last year and probably should reread a few of them. There was one book that really inspired me to have a system though, which was, How to Fail at Everything and Still Succeed, by Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert. He reiterated the idea that we should have systems in place rather than goals. For example, my goal is to write 5 blog posts a week… sounds good right? Well as we all know or should know by now, shit happens. If I failed at writing 5 blog posts a week, I would give up. So instead, I plan to write something every day even if its just a paragraph written from my phone talking about my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Communication is a valuable skill that I want to continuously get better at. So in the following months I should start to see incremental improvements. By the end of the year, I should be able to look back and say, damn… I’ve come a long way since then. 

A little side system 

I also want to begin tracking my meals and my energy for a few months. This is another idea from Scott Adams’ book that we should all be conscious of what food we eat and how it affects our energy levels. Especially me with a poor gut to begin with… Health is priority numero uno. My hypothesis is that I’m eating too many starches which is why I crash during lunch time. My eating habits aren’t terrible, but can be altered quite a bit if I’m being honest. Oh well, lets see what happens. 

With that said, I’m done rambling for the moment and should think about going to bed.

Peace out, girl scout