When you hear it…

It’s an amazing feeling when you stumble upon an opportunity. They certainly come around often but we’re so zoned out from reality we often miss them. I’m starting to realize if you hear a few of these magic phrases, your ears should perk up and you should direct your attention accordingly. 

I’m talking about when people say, “Ah, I hate that, I can never…” and, “I wish I had…” or, “I can’t figure out…” — Its music to my ears. It means people either don’t know about the solution or there isn’t one. I’ve finally had my own Ah Ha moment. This is the most excited I’ve been since I booked my trip to Punta Cana. I can’t figure out why this hasn’t happened more. 

Don’t forget the Idea

I have started whipping out my phone or a piece of paper when I have an idea and when I hear people complaining about something. I kind of wish I heard it more often, but there’s only so much complaining you want to actually listen to lol. The alternative is trying what James Altucher suggests, exercise your creative brain muscles. He wants everyone to think of ideas every day, expand, innovate and move forward with the better ones. For example, I was watching a commercial where people were using VR(virtual reality) headsets. Why the hell aren’t we making 360 degree movies where you can control the vision of the main character? We could control the vision of our favorite movie characters and see situations in a whole new light. I’m picturing myself looking around in a James Bond movie… Jumping off of roof tops, bullets whizzing by my head, checking out hotties at the bar. Yea, our movie directors should get on that… 

How to capitalize

You come up with an idea, think its the best you’ve had and want to move forward with it, now what? I think the easiest course of action is create a simple plan. Making anything simple is really freaking hard though. As I go through this process, ill record everything and keep you updated.