Day 1: Woke up at 5am, went to work dressed reaaal nice. (take a picture) – Talked to Directors, went over the company/product on white board.. Handed Laptop and was told to read blogs, website etc. Asked Joey what he is reading and impressed him. He told me to read psychology books.

Day 2: Read blogs more, sat in on phone call, Joey is really funny and well spoken (talked to Brits), sat in on my first company sales meeting. Read more and more blogs/asked questions. Listened to the other reps go through a Mock phone call.

Day 3: Met new Sales manager, listened to more calls. A bit quieter today… Went out to intro lunch in Directors nice Audi A7, talked about gambling, drinking, and Fantasy sports drank and ate at the Depot. Went back with Joey and grabbed bottles of wine because he was leaving for Italy. Go back, talk to Ken and Joey.. Ken is cool and we briefly go over mock phone call. Then talked for a while about how to qualify prospects, get them to open up. Try coming up with cold emails (not great at it lol)

Monday 7/18 Day 4: Not much going on,  try reading about cold emails and coming up with my own. Email Mike trying to come up with more email templates. Finally ask about my list to start trying to drum up business! Ended the day listening to one more phone call with a salesman and Ken told him we could help him provide leads. He even taught me that the software/product could be scaled down to one person. (This allows us to get a foot in the door at that company).

Tuesday 7/19 Day 5: I got my list! It’s not many and a couple of them don’t even seem relevant. I started making an excel sheet to put names, linkedin profiles, and emails or phone numbers. Then Mike emailed a newsletter that would send newly funded businesses. So I subscribed to a bunch of them… Afterwards, started making drafts of emails I’ll try sending out this morning.

Reading this is pretty funny… I was a noob (it’s been 7 months, holy $h!t) I wish I kept this up but unfortunately I did not.  I’ll start this again, but with more complaining of course. I found this post in drafts and must of forgot about it. Anyways, it won’t make sense to many, but when I look back I can have a good chuckle.