“Well, it was that or the priesthood.” – JamesBond — March 30, 2016

“Well, it was that or the priesthood.” – JamesBond

I wonder all the time how people who have reached their 30’s made it past their 20’s. I made it through college, I got a job, and now what? Many young kids want to enter this coveted adulthood and then, BAM! WTF do I do now?! One of my favorite quotes (along with many others apparently…) is, “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson. This quote really resonates with me because I had this plan coming out of college, right, that I was going to light the business world on fire, turn it upside down and hold it in the palm of my hand. You would of thought my nickname was American Pharoah the way I dreamed of being this business magnate, this phenom, the ultimate winner of life (American Pharoah is the only horse who won the Triple Crown during my existence). But that’s not how life has turned out…

Instead, I’m sitting here writing my first blog post ranting or complaining, whichever, counting down the minutes until I should go to bed and go to work…again. Seeing the humor in life’s obstacles helps each day from turning into a true grind or true hell. Lesson One: Don’t get upset if today didn’t go as planned, you always have tomorrow. And tomorrow I plan on making it better than yesterday (or today). But that’s always easier said than done, which brings me back to my main point, how the hell does anyone get through their 20’s? Well my thoughtful audience, I’ll let you know when I continue this blog through my 20’s 🙂

Take it easy and thanks for reading